Besides the LDC-50 Classic ½ pound foam Icynene has the following products available:

1. LD-R-50 (Light Density Renewable Spray Foam) - This next generation Icynene product adds another 0.5 pound per cubic foot density foam.  It is similar to LDC-50 (Light Density Classic Spray Foam) except it utilizes castor oil to obtain over 7 percent renewable content in the installed foam.  It has the same proven performance characteristics as the original Icynene. 


2. MD-R-200 (Medium Density Renewable Spray Foam) - A 2 pound per cubic foot density foam that still uses the water blown chemistry with no HFC blowing agent as do the 0.5 pound density foams.  The higher density increases the R-value to 5.1 per inch.  MD-R-200 foam contains 6.3 percent recycled content.



3.MDC-200 - A 2 pound per cubic foot closed cell foam with an R-value of 6.5 per inch.  Provides superior resistance to moisture.


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